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With so many real estate companies out there, we understand that you might ask "Why should we choose Florida Property over anyone else, to help us buy an investment property, second home or vacation home in the Florida area?" We have put together what we believe are some BENEFITS to you, the Buyer, in choosing Florida Property.


We are under no pressure to meet sales quotas and we do not operate in a high pressure environment. We like to think of ourselves as a boutique shop, working with your individual real estate needs in a specialized market.

BENEFITS TO YOU ... No high pressure sales, more flexibility, more quality time spent on you personally, a greater likelihood of speaking with your agent more quickly and less tendency for your agent to move on to the next Buyer as soon as the sale closes.

Many of our larger competitors have a Principal Broker "in name only", just to stay within the legal licensing requirements. Many of these Brokers have little personal knowledge of the neighborhoods and market they are in and little knowledge of what their agents are doing. Florida Property' Broker is extremely experienced and is very much "hands on" and working full time in the business daily, behind the agents at all times.

In fact, many companies boast offices everywhere, with hundreds of agents, but most times, each office is independently owned and only bears the large franchise name, which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how experienced and professional each individual office is. Generally, when there are large numbers of agents in an office, the vast majority of them handle so few transactions per year, that their experience is minimal. Florida Property agents handle more transactions per agent than most other agents.

BENEFITS TO YOU ... Agents with more accountability and more in touch with their Broker constantly, for guidance and support. Our agents have extremely valuable experience, which really counts when they are handling YOUR transaction.


Although we are independent, with fewer agents than many large companies, we still use exactly the same tools and technology and have access to the same properties for sale. In fact, we make it a point to stay ahead of all the latest information, regulations and laws and submit ourselves voluntarily to continuing higher education, professional designations, memberships on Realtor Association committees and Board of Directors and affiliations with several professional associations, all of which help us be more professional and held to more accountability.

BENEFITS TO YOU ...Assurance that we are competent in what we do and that you are in good hands. We are very open and make it easy for you to check on our credentials.


Although we are fully licensed and able to sell any type of real estate in the State of Florida, we choose not to. We specialize in the sales of vacation homes, second homes and investment properties. If you wish to buy a residence through us, we will of course be well able to handle your request, since after all, our knowledge and expertise is in helping both investors and people who want to buy a second home.

BENEFITS TO YOU ... You can be assured that because we specialize in a certain area, we are better at it than those who sell general real estate. We do this every day of the year! This is all we do!


Being mainly a Canadian company we work almost exclusively with out of State Buyers and Sellers. We know exactly how to handle the complex issues involved in working with properties thousands of miles away . We have American, and Canadian Realtors working on our team.

BENEFITS TO YOU ... If you are thousands of miles away, you NEED to know that someone is looking after your interests - not someone who "dabbles" in working with people like you, but someone who does nothing BUT this. You need a Real Estate Specialists who has the experience and knowledge and who is trustworthy, much more than if you are buying a house to live in. Florida Property is that company!


Unlike most companies working in the Florida area market, we are not tied to a property management company, we are not tied to a builder and we are not ever going to steer you to any one neighborhood. We have a list of property management companies we can recommend, but since we are not affiliated to any of them, we will never push you to working with someone, who may not have your best interests at heart. We will show you all available properties within your budget and taste and we will never show you only the properties which make us the most commission (in fact, our policy is just the opposite).

BENEFITS TO YOU ... You will ALWAYS have choices, both in property management companies and in property styles and prices. You will NEVER be pressured to pay higher prices for your property. You will ALWAYS receive unbiased, no-nonsense advice from us in every aspect of buying a property here.


Have you noticed how many websites you come across where you have no idea with whom you are dealing? Who is the Broker? Who are the agents? Where are they located? Are they even licensed? How do I know they are experienced? With Florida Property, we lay everything out in the open - who we are, our photos, our license numbers, our credentials, testimonials from people who bought through us. We have only ever had one company name, unlike many companies who have several different names (why is that?)

BENEFITS TO YOU ...You can easily see with whom you are dealing. We make it easy for you to check us out. We have nothing to hide. We have one company name and one only, so you don't have to do lots of investigating!


We have a strict company policy of superb after sales-service. Long after the sale, all of our agents will maintain regular contact with you, to check on how things are doing and to see if there is anything we can do for you. It's just the way we work! Almost every one of our Buyers has expressed their amazement at how good our after-sales service is. We hear time and time again from people who did NOT buy through us, how THEIR agent didn't want to know about after- sales service. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU!

BENEFITS TO YOU ... You can always be assured that we will not leave you after the sale has closed. You will always have someone here to take care of your interests (which is particularly important when you are thousands of miles away).


Because of the difference in licensing laws, not everyone in the UK is aware that every individual and every company selling real estate in Florida MUST be properly licensed and regulated by the State (with the exception of new home builders, who are not required to be licensed to sell their own properties).

However, please be advised that if you are not dealing DIRECTLY with a company/agent who is registered in Florida AND is fully licensed to sell real estate in the State of Florida AND is legally permitted to work in the US, you risk not being fully protected as a consumer. Unfortunately, there are many companies operating in Canada who do not offer such protection, no matter how impressive they may appear!