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cathy rocca

Cathy Rocca


A native of New Brunswick, She is a Commerce graduate from McMaster University and being surrounded by a family in residential and commercial development rounds out her expertise.

Having been ranked as one of the top business owners of a major franchise for 12 years running, Cathy’s professionalism and experience in the home decor field drives the results client’s look for whether buying or selling. Proven sales and marketing techniques in home consulting and staging puts her ahead of the rest when developing a sound business plan to attain a client’s overall financial and lifestyle requirements.

Cathy’s mission is “Helping You Help Yourself”. A promise of Quality, Integrity, Commitment and Responsiveness is what client’s can expect. “Building personal relationships is what it is all about” as she analyzes and assesses a situation and, together with the client, determines how to best achieve their goals. With leading edge support and solutions from the most credible Real Estate Brokerage in the area, it is her personal mandate to cater to individual needs and comfort levels. Not only a real estate agent, but an accredited staging professional, Cathy and her team get a home sold for top dollar, in the least amount of time and with the least inconvenience.

tonya rocca

Tanya Rocca


A graduate of Hospitality, Hotel & Restaurant Management at York University & Humber College, her natural enthusiasm towards people and sales led her in the direction of becoming a business owner. “Giving back to the community is what it’s all about” so Tanya became an active member of many foundations & charities where she put her sales & marketing techniques to work over the past 10 years.

The Rocca legacy has a strong foundation and background in Real Estate, both commercial & residential. For Tanya, her years of hospitality & sales experience, coupled with extensive international marketing training and sales management awards makes the perfect recipe for the competitive edge clients benefit from in this demanding market. As not only a real estate agent, but an accredited staging professional, Tanya brings her Maritimer charm – promising client’s a down to earth and trusting relationship as they engage in the real estate process. A client’s happiness is her goal, exceeding their expectations is her promise.

peter anelli

Peter Anelli


From the soccer field to the real estate field, Peter has always been a part of a team. Working alongside his wife, Cathy Rocca, his passion for helping others and natural ability to find solutions fits both the team and clients. Involved in construction at a young age with his father was the beginning of an appreciation for a well-built home. With this background, clients benefit from his ability to visualize the hidden potential of many properties.

Previously owning a home decor business for 15 years, Peter’s customer service approach is driven by a client’s needs and expectations – working together as a team and at their pace.

With a degree from McMaster University and diploma from Mohawk College in Urban and Municipal Planning, along with a previous financial planning consultant position at Investors Group, clients benefit from well-rounded experience as they invest in home ownership


Sandy Gail


Sandy brings with her a wealth of real estate knowledge. She began her real estate career as a licensed sales representative for Royal LePage, and later became involved in administration and marketing working alongside top producing agents.  After relocating from New Brunswick to Toronto, she decided to make a return to real estate, her original passion!. Sandy is responsible for managing the administration team, leading the group to deliver an exceptional experience to each and every one of our clients. Sandy's’s enthusiasm for streamlining processes is what keeps our team operating at optimal levels of efficiency. 

Sandy is a graduate of UNB where she majored in Business Administration, and is currently a part time student of York University where she is working towards a Masters degree.


Amy Belle


Amy brings a wealth of skills to the Florida Property Team with her extensive experience in newspaper editorial and corporate communications as well. She also has a background in public relations from working for local community newspapers as both the editor of The Real Estate News and the New Homes News.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, having been a business owner for more than 20 years, she has strategically developed and managed her company’s brand, and effectively positioned it as a leader within the hospitality industry, During this time, she had also developed and implemented strategic marketing and communications campaigns as well as successfully managed large-scale corporate and community events for her clients.

arron smith

Aaron Smith

Senior Home Inspector

Aaron has been in the business for over 25 years now, and is the Senior Home Inspector on the Florida Property Team.

Aaron does a thorough examination of a home when hired, both inside and out to determine the home’s condition, habitability and safety. We will check the condition of the roof, foundation, floors, walls, insulation, plumbing and electrical system. We look for evidence of deterioration or safety risks like faulty wiring and gas leaks. The inspection will determine where repairs will be needed and where there have been problems in the past. These inspections generally do not include opening walls or pulling up carpets. We use state of the art detecting equipment as well to make sure nothing is missed.

Each home inspection takes approximately two to four hours, depending on the size and age of the house. Doing the examination can be physically demanding for inspectors. They may have to squeeze into tight spaces, lift heavy objects, and climb into attics and onto roofs to do a thorough inspection.

Following the inspection, the inspector writes a detailed report on the condition of the home including information on any safety hazards, maintenance problems and required repairs. The home inspector available to answer any questions the client might have and to clarify the limitations of the inspection to avoid misunderstandings.

jim burrows

Jim Burrows

Senior Project Manager

A bright, talented and ambitious senior project manager who has the experience of working to the highest standards. Jim has a long track record of ensuring the Florida Property Team projects are delivered to the highest quality, within budget by effectively organizing, managing and utilising all resources available. He is able to lead the team on any project where the highest standards are always demanded. Always wanting to be actively involved in all areas of the project from start to finish. He takes direction well and works very hard to manage expectations. He takes great pride on a project completed within time and customer satisfaction!