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 Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced agents, we are all well positioned to understand your particular needs and concerns. Click on the TESTIMONIALS tab on our website  and check out what some of our happy Canadian clients have said about us.

Florida area property prices are still extremely competitive compared to prices in most Canadian cities. Your investment rate of return will also generally be much greater with properties in the Florida area than with investment properties at home in Canada, so it's definitely worth getting in touch with us to check it out. Add this to the fact that Canadians are still able to secure great financing here in Florida, so even during the times when currency fluctuations are not as much in your favor, your Canadian dollar can still buy a lot of property here, so why not take advantage of this great time now?


Most of the banks with which we have a great relationship here in the US are either owned by or affiliated with Canadian banks very familiar to Canadians. This makes the process easier when seeking a US mortgage. Together, we make a great team when it comes to getting you well on your way to owning a piece of Central Florida! BMO Harris (connected with Bank of Montreal), TD Bank, RBC Bank (Georgia) and PNC Bank (formerly RBC), are some of the banks we work with.When it comes to working with clients of the florida Property Team,the representatives from these banks always endeavor to take great care of you.

In order to secure financing as a Canadian, you must currently hold Canadian citizenship, not just Canadian residence, so please check with your bank for current terms and conditions. 


While we have a great relationship with the above mentioned banks, we do also have an excellent relationship with Moneycorp. Not many Canadians realize that Moneycorp can offer excellent rates when you are transferring your Canadian dollars to the US. Although Moneycorp is a UK based company, they do have a local office here in Orlando and they work well with Canadians. 


Many of our Canadian buyers tell us that they have attended one of the many property seminars that are now abundant in Canada, where Florida investment properties are being heavily promoted. Most of these seminars are hosted by people who represent a builder/developer of a handful of specific developments. When you come to Orlando to view properties through them, they will only be able to show you the very limited selection of properties which they represent. The builder/developers they represent are the sellers, so when you buy through them, they cannot represent your best interests as a buyer. If they are giving you a free flight or another incentive, there is often additional pressure to buy.

When you choose Florida Property Team as your Realtor for your real estate purchase, we are able to show you all properties that are for sale in our area (and there are literally thousands of choices), without any pressure and without any bias. We also fully represent your best interests at all times and only YOUR interests, not those of the seller.

So, why spend precious time coming to Florida only to see a limited selection of properties, when you can hire Florida Property Team and Associates to represent you from day one to help you find exactly the right match for you from such a vast choice of available properties?

The rumors you hear that non US citizens are discriminated against and have to pay higher property taxes are completely false! Although there are indeed two levels of property taxes, the higher rate has absolutely nothing to do with your nationality, or even your State of residence. This has everything to do with whether or not you actually live in the property you own. Even those of us who live in Florida have to pay the higher (non homesteaded) rate on any property we own that is not our principal residence. You are only allowed one homesteaded property and you must live in that one property as your permanent residence to get the property tax exemption. Regardless of how many properties you own in any part of the world, you can only have one official, legal, permanent residence. Your official residence is normally considered to be where you spend at least 183 days of each year, where you declare yourself a permanent resident, where the government recognizes you as legally resident and where you file tax returns on your worldwide income.

Whether your plan is to buy an investment property, a vacation home, second home, or even for relocating or retiring to the Florida area, contact Florida Property Team today and we'll get you started on realizing your goals. E-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.